Some useful websites about river and outdoor swimming

Where to swim

Places to swim in the South East: from Rob Fryer

Places to swim in the South West, from Rob Fryer

also available Places to swim in other regions, from RALSA website

The Wild Swim map, from the Outdoor Swimming Society

The new Wild Swim map from the Outdoor Swimming Society (beta)

Wild Swimming, includes regional and national maps and lists

Several directories, from River and Lake Swimming Association (RALSA)

Where to swim (historic and current places) from Hung Out To Dry

Organised outdoor swimming venues from H2Open

Swim safety, starting out swimming outdoors

Lovely film introducing Autumn wild swimming

Advice from the Outdoor Swimming Society

Wild swimming advice from Hung Out To Dry

Water safety from Rob Fryer on RALSA website

Swimming safety checklist and advice on RALSA website

Download pdf guide on wild swimming safety from Rob Fryer’s wild swimming website

Wild swimming safety from Wild Swimming website

Open water safety from H2O website

… especially in cold water

Dangers of jumping into cold water (Durham summer safety campaign)

Winter swimming articles on RALSA website

Tips from Outdoor Swimming Society on cold water swimming

Article by experienced cold water swimmer

Index to articles on Loneswimmer website on cold water swimming


Outdoor Swimming Society Inland Bathing Areas Access guide

Outdoor Swimming Society website, Is it legal?

Hung Out To Dry website: Is it legal?

River access on RALSA website