Outdoor Swimming in Norfolk and the Brecks

Outdoor swimming (sometimes called wild swimming), done safely and responsibly, is an affordable and fun activity accessible to almost all and with great benefits to health, well-being and appreciation of nature and the environment. There can be risks, but there is plenty of information on how to stay safe, where to go, and how to find others to swim with.

The Outdoor Swimmers Code outlines ways that swimmers can respect the environment, take responsibility for their own safety, and be considerate of other water users and local communities.

The Outdoor Swimming Society has information on a wide range of safety issues for swimming in its Survive section.

This is a Q&A with key info on swimming and playing in water safely (aimed at children and young people), which includes a link to a more detailed note including finding and assessing places to swim, meeting others, risks and benefits.

In Norfolk, the Brecks (and around the country) there are numerous informal swim groups, usually on social media, which enable outdoor swimmers to meet others and share experience, and some give information on safety and places to go. More in this section of detailed note.

Places to swim are listed in guidebooks, websites and apps, with many places listed on the Places pages on this website.

A national heritage lottery funded project in the Brecks, Healing Waters (Outdoor Swimming), is running some introduction to outdoor swimming sessions and promoting safety and access in the area.

There are few organised and supervised venues or activities in the area, generally in the summer months and mostly through triathlon clubs, including via Triharder, Tri-Anglia, or King’s Lynn Tri. Just over the border is Beccles Lido.

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