Swanton Morley Mill

Location details for Swanton Morley Mill, my favourite local swimming place

view from above of water surrounded by trees and grass
Swanton Morley Mill pool and picnic field, from bridge
County Norfolk
River Wensum
Swim location name Swanton Morley Mill
Grid reference TG020184
Nearest postcode NR20 4SB
Other info Parking: one or two spaces on bridge, two or three nearby, busy road. Popular in summer, for picnics, swims, dips and kayaking. Rope swing, weirs (beware submerged masonry under weir). Possible longer swim upstream and nearby. Useful winter swim place. Allowed by landowner but no fires and don’t leave litter.Currently a large tree blocks the entrance for vehicles, not to stop people swimming. Either climb over it or walk through under the bridge – beware the slippery surface, don’t do it if the river is very fast.

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More about Swanton Morley

There are parking places, but some of these are quite small and none are ideal. The road is busy and dangerous, especially at the bridges, so take great care walking to the swimming place.

You might have to climb over a log or get in below the bridge. If you walk through under the bridge be aware the surface can be slippery (you can’t do it when in spate).

At the mill pond there is a grassy area for changing. I recommend that you wear shoes that you can keep on for swimming (i.e. not crocs or flip-flops), preferably something with a sturdier sole than swim socks. (I have seen what magnet fishers have brought up from the water!)

It is possible to swim around the mill pool, jump from the rope swing if you wish, and do a short swim upstream from above the weir. Be aware that the weir is full of big rocks – do not jump into it! It’s also possible to swim below the three arch bridge in a small weir pool – you can either cross the road or walk under the bridge.

It is possible to do a longer swim in reliably deep water nearby.


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