zLynford Water map directions and info – not for public sharing

About swimming at Lynford Water

We ask members of Outdoor Swimming in Breckland group and other groups not to share publicly that they swim here, the location, or to tag in photos, on Google etc, i.e. outside Closed groups or on websites etc. This is because swimming is officially not allowed and it is helpful to good relations with the landowner to minimise publicity. It is also in line with not encouraging too many people to hotspots in summer.

There are some No Swimming signs. Forestry England, the landowner, is aware that people swim, and has no plans to do anything to stop them, and will not challenge any of us when swimming, including the summer swimmers. They are more concerned about antisocial behaviour such as littering, damaging trees, lighting fires and barbecues, which unfortunately does occur in the summer. Many swimmers often tidy up some of the litter and report issues.

And please follow the Outdoor Swimmer’s Code (recently revised to prioritise the environment and responsibility) www.outdoorswimmingsociety.com/outdoor-swimmerscode

Please stay away from the bird hide and tern nesting platforms, and do nothing to harm wildlife.

No barbecues or fires at any time.

No boating, paddle boarding or inflatables either. This would be pushing it with the landowner, and also can be unsafe as especially inflatable boats can be blown out into the lake, which is dangerous for non-swimmers or weak swimmers or children, and we should try to not encourage others.

Report serious issues, especially unattended fires – 999 if urgent, and ask for Fire and Rescue, 101 if not urgent, or if you see any fishing, nets or lines, please contact Environment Agency, 0800 80 70 60 (24 hour).

Feel free to download, but not to share this document publicly. Updated 24 March 2021

map with entry points marked

Directions to entry points

Best entry point:

1 . Walk down to the lakes, towards the beach. At the beach, turn left through a gap in the hedge, go diagonally to the left, then left down the promontory. Enter from one of the beaches to your right. Shallow entry, then very soon shelves to deep water. This is the older conservation lake. Be discreet and mindful that swimming is not allowed, though in reality this is not enforced.

You could also swim in the other lake, but this is shallower, has more weed in summer, and has more wildlife

  1. Best is the beach past the little hill with pines on it.
  2. or the entry on the left from the first beach you come to


In Mundford take the road signposted to Lynford Hall for about a mile, and you will see the car park on the left, opposite the Arboretum.

Go to the end of the car park furthest from the entrance.

Nearest Post Code:

IP26 5HW

Beach 1:

Lat,Long 52.51 9569,0.680084

Nat Grid: TL81 9946

what3words: lousy.tops.nothing

Beach 2:

Lat,Long: 52.51 941 8,0.685543

Grid Ref: TL823946

what3words: ruling.nappy.ridiculed

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