Splashing Out!

Joys, benefits, risks of swimming outdoors, Myths, Top Tips to stay safe. By Fiona Weir, @thisfionaweir

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page one article
Page 1: Joys, benefits, risks of swimming outdoors By Fiona Weir, @thisfionaweir

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Page 2: Myths, Top Tips to stay safe. By Fiona Weir, @thisfionaweir

(Bigger images here, https://swimthethames.info/)

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And one extra: https://www.outdoorswimmingsociety.com/cold-incapacitation/ (Also known as swim failure, and why it is good to stay near shore)  .

On this website some more reading :

From 2020, on drowning statistics and campaigns, https://www.imogensriverswims.co.uk/blog/issues/drowning-prevention-campaigns-stats/

Swim safety in rivers and lakes, and why it is important to be able to and to learn how to do so safely and enjoyably , https://www.imogensriverswims.co.uk/blog/issues/swim-safety/

A petition, Make outdoor swimming in Yorkshire safer by working with swimmers, makes similar points, and gives a link to this leaflet.