This is a collection of swim accounts and swim places.

See Swims for posts on swims and swim related issues

I describe some of my Swims, and give location details for them on my Places pages.

I discuss issues including safety and access and bathing water quality.

And I have a separate section, OS Brecks, Bathing in the Brecks: Outdoor Swimming past, present and future, about two exciting projects on the practical aspects and the history of outdoor swimming in the Brecks. These projects, Tales from the River and Healing Waters, are part of The Brecks Fen Edge & Rivers Landscape Partnership Scheme (BFER), supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

During 2019 I did clusters of swims in different parts of East Anglia and Eastern England each month – see the Swims section for more info, with one round up (Brecks), and others in a few subsequent posts and some earlier ones.

I will also give links to directories of swim places and other river and outdoor swimming issues on my Links page.

choppy water and part of bridge, lit by low sun
The weir below the three arch bridge at Swanton Morley Mill

My website header and the photo on this page show one of my favourite swim spots in summer or winter, Swanton Morley Mill, known locally as The Falls. The header photo is taken in the mill pool, looking up towards the upper weir and rope swing, showing trees in winter sunshine reflected in the water.

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