Norfolk places west and south of Norwich

I haven’t had time to do them all separately or add much detail or  photos, but meanwhile  here are location details for a selection of Norfolk spots.

Please note: all swims are at our own risk. Including a location does not indicate that it is recommended or that it is safe; each must do their own risk assessment each time they swim or travel to a location. I accept no liability for the choices that people make. There is Swim Safety info on this website, and on Outdoor Swimming Society website, Survive section.
Please follow the Outdoor Swimmers Code, and Outdoor Swimming Society advice on responsible swimming at this time.

See also Anderson’s Meadow and Trowse on Places page.


parking Waitrose 3 hours) or little car park opposite

Nearest Post Code NR4 6NU
Lat,Long 52.607294,1.249663
Nat Grid TG201060

Easiest to enter river above bridge, from Waitrose cross Eaton Road , then walk under bridge and enter pool. Note – urban area, might be litter etc, don’t jump from bridge! Another pool upstream. Can walk along river below bridge, might be some less shallow spots.

Nearest Post Code NR4 6XA
Nat Grid TG199059
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Hellesdon Mill

Nearest Post Code NR6 5AY
Lat,Long 52.646783,1.249088
Nat Grid TG198104
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Hellesdon /Drayton by the Marriott’s Way

approach by bike, on foot, or by river
(Nearest Post Code NR8 5DQ)
Lat,Long 52.658914,1.234015
Nat Grid TG188117
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Hellesdon /New Costessey by the Marriott’s Way

Nearest Post Code NR6 5FP
Lat,Long 52.642932,1.249467
Nat Grid TG199099
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Drayton Green Lanes / The Beauty Spot
Low Road, Drayton


Nearest Post Code NR8 6BE
Lat,Long 52.667059,1.235785
Nat Grid TG188126
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Walk down steps and paths to and along the river
Various, including

(Nearest Post Code NR8 6BH)
Lat,Long 52.665184,1.234951
Nat Grid TG188124
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Costessey Mill

Parking various laybys
You can get in above the weir and swim upstream (small narrow entry point, some weeds to pass, then mostly clear)
Or play in the weir pool as the young people do in summer, defying the rules and the fence that has been put up to make it more dangerous for them

Nearest Post Code NR8 5DG
Lat,Long 52.668279,1.217088
Nat Grid TG176126
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Nearest Post Code NR9 5SY
Lat,Long 52.714260,1.149198
Nat Grid TG128176
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Walk down Marriot’s Way, steep climb down roots under bridge


(Nearest Post Code NR9 5SR)
Lat,Long 52.716030,1.140455
Nat Grid TG122177
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car park
Nearest Post Code NR9 5QY
Lat,Long 52.719642,1.068515
Nat Grid TG073179
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or by bridge
bigger mill pool
Nearest Post Code NR9 5RB
Lat,Long 52.718450,1.065928
Nat Grid TG071178
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smaller weir pool

Lat,Long 52.719634,1.067092
Nat Grid TG072179
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Words from Facebook, can’t remember who now:

…there is wild water swimming to be had at Lyng at the bridge crossing over the River Wensum. Immediately upstream is a deep Mill Pond and public access with sandy bottom to enter into. Just down stream of the bridge is a smaller but swimmable dip in the river bed – again public access from the riverside path. Also a third swim spot about 50m up the road away from Lyng and the bridge – a useful second mill pond – smaller but again swimmable with public access from the road. Water quality is good with plenty fish about and locals using this as their local swim spot. Nothing major in size but very welcome on a hot day!

Bawburgh Mill pool, park by green

Nearest Post Code NR9 3AA
Lat,Long 52.633842,1.183858
Nat Grid TG155087
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Shotesham Ford

Nearest Post Code NR15 1UU
Lat,Long 52.547182,1.281567
Nat Grid TM225994
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On the border, Norfolk/Suffolk


Google Wainford Silo

park in a layby or by the factory to the north, or just by the weir. Go in to the left and upstream of the weir on a portage platform

Wainford parking
Nearest Post Code NR35 1TA
Lat,Long 52.459479,1.457108
Nat Grid TM349902
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river entry
Nearest Post Code NR35 1TA
Lat,Long 52.458181,1.457522
Nat Grid TM349900
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