Swim journeys 2016

Imogen's A12 Swim Journey Facebook page screenshot
Imogen’s A12 Swim Journey Facebook page screenshot

I have done two swim trips this year, which I have posted about on my Facebook page. I plan to put the stories and details on here soon. Meanwhile here are a few photos and links to Facebook stories.

I did it! My A12 Swim journey 4, 5, 6 June: the experience is my round up of the first and most important trip. I did about 30 swims or dips over 3 days in places along the A12 road of relevance to our lives, to remember my parents one year on and also to raise money for charities relevant to the ends of their lives.

women in swimming costume on beach
Imogen in mum’s swimming costume at Sizewell

I wrote several stories before and after the journey, as well as posting after each swim, including one about swimming in Ipswich and around and what it meant to me.

Black & white photo of dock buildings and boat reflected in water
Ipswich docks in 1982, photo by David Radford

This was the plan for my London West, Middlesex and Thames swim trip – to places of relevance earlier in my parents lives – which went more or less as intended. I hope to write a summary of it soon.

I’ve posted one story from this trip so far, about a Hackney swim in the Old River Lea, and you can read the posts as I went along on my Facebook page.

woman standing in river with reflection and bank foliage behind
Old River Lea, White House bridge, Imogen and reflection in front of Himalayan balsam, taken by Marc Burden on my camera

I will put them on this website at some point – now many are on here, earliest – https://www.imogensriverswims.co.uk/blog/ipswich-hosp-fore-st-docks-2016/ – but meanwhile all my posts about my swim journeys are available on my Facebook swim journeys page.