Swanton Morley 4 Oct swim

I joined The Crazy Ladies for a lovely sociable swim in the sunshine at my local swim spot, Swanton Morley Mill (known locally as The Falls)

The water was a nippy 11.8 degrees at 9 am, and now that late summer has turned to autumn you really feel the cold in your hands. But having fun in the white water, sliding down under the bridge, and sometimes the rope swing – generally playing in the water – takes your mind off the cold.

swimmers in waterfall

water, trees, swimmers

This group of hardy swimmers meet a couple of times a week all year in different places around Norfolk, doing a wonderful job of introducing people to outdoor swimming and local swimmers to each other to swim at their own risk. I’m hoping to join them through this winter to help motivate me to get in the water, and hopefully acclimatise so that I can stay in a little longer.

water, trees, bridge, rope swing

Often the group (The Crazy Ladies on Facebook) follow their swims with breakfast, on this occasion at the lovely (North) Elmham Tea Post cafe.

four swimmers selfie
Imogen, Rachel, Barbara, Karen

It seemed appropriate to start the day with a swim here with this group, as I introduced them to this spot at the start of my first county swim trip, in Norfolk, back in April.

bridge, water, trees
Swanton Morley, below the three arch bridge

And this swim (and hearty breakfast) was a good way to start the day before going on to a four-day swim trip in Breckland.

two swimmers smiling in water
Rachel, Barbara
swimmer, bridge, water, trees

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