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daisyLots of links, organised into categories. I haven’t checked all of them, so don’t vouch for their usability etc. Added to from time to time.

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Though not part of those projects, these links might be of interest while events are postponed, as many are relevant to Tales from the River and Healing Waters, which will look at the history and practical aspects of outdoor swimming – read more on the OS Brecks pages of this website. (These projects are part of The Brecks Fen Edge & Rivers Landscape Partnership Scheme (BFER), supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.) And many are relevant to other projects in the BFER scheme.

swimming advice and swim-related
Advice on swimming safely – masses of information on Outdoor Swimming Society website; from Loneswimmer,; from the River and Lake Swimming Association Swimming safety checklist and advice, and more. I’ve collated links and written a piece on safety – and why it matters – on this website

And one on Getting Started in Inland Outdoor Swimming; and see also advice on the difference between pool and open water on the Outdoor Swimmer website.

Free water safety toolkit from the RLSS, story The Royal Life Saving Society have put some basic water skills training online. It is worth learning some skills and educating yourself to give you confidence in the water. Even young lifesavers can complete the course. The toolkit runs over four units and covers an introduction to water safety, different environments, emergency actions and safe rescue. It is simple to do once you register online,

Ideas from the Outdoor Swimming Society #stayathomeswimmingsociety

‘The Lockdown Diaries’, a daily video

From Outdoor Swimmer and;

Episode 4 of Downstream, Outdoor Swimmer’s audio series for outdoor swimmers: wild swimming and the restorative power of nature

Swim podcasts

Swim Wild Podcast: Looking back at winter, with Tina from Norfolk – TP052 on Apple Podcasts

Swimming books recommended by Serpentine Swimming Club members

Opinion | What I Miss During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Essay on swimming

While you can’t swim

Ladies Pond gallery

Paddling or foot bathing is good for you, and fun when you can’t swim! Thomas Jefferson claimed that 60 years of daily cold foot baths every morning had “maintained his good health”., also in this article  Facebook group devoted to it, The Prudent And Polite Paddling Fellowship

Safety advice for landowners and authorities with an interest or responsibility for water where people swim or might swim:

From RoSPA, ‘Managing safety at inland waters guidance’, detailed advice

From the Visitor Safety Group, ‘Guiding Principles’ on balancing visitor access and safety,, or buy the full guidance, ‘Managing Visitor Safety in the Countryside: Principles and Practice’,

From the Outdoor Swimming Society, read about and download the OSS Guide to Inland Bathing Areas.

List of risks and how they can be mitigated, download from this website, Risks to health and safety of outdoor swimming, and how to mitigate them (Word.doc, 5 pages)

swim fitness, exercise, walking, running, wellbeing, mental health
yoga for swimming

Keeping swim fit

While you can’t swim

Sport England is encouraging people to share their own home workouts #StayInWorkOut

Indoor exercises from NHS

Sign up to join the Ramblers community at home

Ordnance Survey, COVID-19 update, Helping you to get outside safely

How you can help plot the future of UK walking – from a standstill | National Geographic

NHS build up to running

Looking after your mental wellbeing advice

NORFOLK’S COPING, access to help,

Coping with worries

Coronavirus: Dr Radha’s five mental health tips for lockdown (video)

(For young people) How to avoid ‘news anxiety’,

Five ways to fight loneliness while self-isolating – BBC Bitesize

Forests and wellbeing

Tree hugging (literally)

Iceland recommends hugging trees instead of people | TreeHugger

Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols | Little, Brown and Company

Richard Mabey Nature Cure

Roger Deakin, Waterlog: “I can dive in with a long face and what feels like a terminal case of depression, and come out grinning like an idiot” ( p4)

Short documentary film, Waterlog,

Can nature really heal us?

Does being in nature aid our mental health?

Isabel Hardman interviewed on @BBCr4today 28 April about some of the research behind why contact with nature and outdoor exercise can help treat mental illness, including in lockdown. Listen again (1h41 mins in, about 4.5 mins) here

The Natural Health Service: What the Great Outdoors Can Do for Your Mind, Isabel Hardman

Noticing nature—new-book-helps-people-to-connect-with-nature-wherever-they-are, book, author talking on podcast

In practice

Twitter @wildflower_hour, #wildflowerhour, Wild Flowers in Britain and Ireland #naturalhealthservice

mother holding child's hand in river