Gosfield, Bures, Southend, Bradwell, Maldon, Essex 160619

Gosfield Lake website; on Facebook . There’s a form to fill in, from website. Despite what it says, you can’t always stand up, and if you do the bottom is muddy, so you might like to wear shoes/swim socks.

Gosfield Lake Resort, Church Road, Gosfield, Halstead, Essex, CO9 1UD. 01787 475043 ; e-mail. Just off the A131 north of Braintree



Has train station. Or park at the community centre (free), 2 minute walk to river through park along path, in at canoe jetty by footbridge. But it is easier to get in and out at the canoe jetty on the other side of the river a little further from the bridge.

Community Centre, Nayland Rd, Bures CO8 5BX  (not village hall)


Leigh on Sea, children’s beach, known as Bell Wharf. Can travel by train (in swim walks book). UPDATE: this location can be prone to pollution especially after heavy rain.

satellite map

Chalkwell Beach, Southend on Sea. Can get train to Chalkwell.
Meet at Lifeguards Club house at Chalkwell Shelter

Chalkwell Lifeguards Club have extended a welcome to anyone swimming at Chalkwell when they are there (Sundays) – open house at their club house, changing rooms, cold shower, free tea and coffee. Ideally let them know. And they will lifeguard you as well! Best to swim between one hour before and after high tide.

Meet at the Crowstone/ Crow Stone / by their club house.

(The stone stands on the mud on the Thames Estuary foreshore opposite the end of Chalkwell Avenue and marks the limit of the Port of London Authority‘s jurisdiction)


St Peter’s Flat, Bradwell on Sea
51°44’23.6″N 0°56’25.4″E

You need high tide to swim here. Or you can just admire the shell beach, mud flats and much more.



(Maldon prom lake )


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Locations for Sat 15

Locations for Mon 17


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