Iken and Snape 2016

As a family we visited Snape Maltings and Iken Cliff many times, going to concerts at Snape and occasional art exhibitions, walks at Iken or between the two. So I wanted to include it on the trip.

In 2016 I did a swim journey to remember my parents and raise money for charities related to their deaths, at places relevant to the family threaded along the A12 Road. Round up and charity info in post:  A12 swim journey June 2016: I did it!

Mum in wheelchair held by Nick, marshes and tidal river with Thames barge
Nick with mum in the buggy, Iken Cliff July 2012

On the swim journey we saw mudlarkers and I was envious of them. It was a lovely warm swim with silky mud, and helpful Dom at Iken canoes kindly let me go off his jetty, as the tide wasn’t quite as high as expected. Afterwards had a warm and peaceful picnic in the car park with Anita, who also supported from the bank. I took short videos of the mudlarkers, which you can see here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbjtFwYEXX4 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdyLsbNh4a8.

I revisited Iken to swim with family friends the Davises in August 2016, and it was even warmer at 22.5°, with jellyfish (which I tried to encourage Alfie not to fear). Although high tide, again Dom from Iken Canoe (www.ikencanoe.co.uk) kindly let us use his walkway and jetty and helpfully explained the currents. We also had a lovely picnic in the car park that day.

river with Thames barge and some buildings, blue sky with white clouds
Snape Maltings with Thames barge, August 2016

Many memories, including on one occasion we watched some young swimmers coming back completely coated in mind, another time saw two boys rolling about in the mud. Once mum fell off a plank into the mud. In later times we could take her there in the off-road wheelchair. Some photos from earlier visits with the family to Iken Cliff and Snape Maltings, along with the photo at the top of the post.

Dad photographing river by Snape Bridge; Thames barge; Mum and dad at table, all at Snape Maltings July 2014

Dad walking the path between Snape and Iken; Celine and Imogen looking through the Barbara Hepworth sculpture, Snape Maltings May 2013

This story is based on Facebook posts from 2016, updated and added to December 2022. Read about the June A12 swim journey:  A12 swim journey June 2016: I did it! And see also A12 swim journey 2016: 33 FB POSTS and Swim Journey 2016 Day 1 places and significance.