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Exploring Bawsey Pits

We had heard a lot about this supposedly dangerous lake, and another experienced outdoor swimmer and I went to explore it and assess the risks and the possibilities for swimming there. We found it to be a wonderful location and from this visit couldn’t see any more hazards than in other similar lakes, other than the usual risks of swimming which can be mitigated with accurate information. But anyone visiting must do their own assessment each time, and take care. And if anyone has any specific information about unusual risks at this location it would be interesting to hear about those.

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My shortest day swims Dec 2020

I decided to mark the shortest day of the year with local swim and paddle trips on a glorious sunny day, Sunday 20 December (the day before the actual solstice which was due to be rainy). In tribute to my longest day of the year trip back in June, I concentrated on local trips and the river Wensum, starting with a sunrise swim, followed by a sunny cycle ride and finishing with a sunset paddle. Continue reading My shortest day swims Dec 2020