Quick report Suffolk Sept Part 1

Suffolk had so many swim spots to choose that I did two weekends in September and had to miss many out. These are the Facebook posts during the two days 7-8 Sept, in which I invited people to join me, to watch/ support or to swim together at our own risk, or to sponsor me, to mark my year of becoming 60 and to celebrate outdoor swimming in East Anglia.

A great 2 day swim trip in Suffolk, with good company and some fun at the seaside, rivers and the lido, and wonderful sunny weather, if a little chilly.

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four swimmers on a beach
Carolyn, Clara, Susie, Imogen at Covehithe

Sat 7 Sept

Swim 1 Day 1, at Knettishall, 16.5 degrees. A chilly but refreshing start to the day!

beach and sea
the beach at Pakefield, Lowestoft, Pier in the distance

Swim 2 Day 1, at Covehithe, 17.3 degrees, with Susie Ling, Carolyn Turner, Clara Elizabeth, also D, Jake and Eddie having fun at the seaside! Stunning seascape, feels like a secret beach, though a few people about with dogs and others swimming and walking.

pier from the beach
Southwold Pier from the beach
metal sculpture with clock
Tim Hunkin’s water clock on Southwold Pier

Swim 3 Day 1, at Pakefield, Lowestoft, 17.6 degrees, sunshine and showers, tried my crawl, enjoyed the gentle waves. Looked at maps again and realised Dunwich was in the wrong place, so dropped it from itinerary.

Swim 4 Day 1, at Southwold, 17.5 degrees, on the second last day of the season for the lovely lifeguards, who had put up a handy wind break. Slightly livelier, lovely. Pier cafe for flapjack and lemon verbena tea (well it is Southwold). Before swim went in the fantastic Tim Hunkin’s arcade on the pier, also saw his water clock – spot the moment when the trousers drop and giggle on Tim Hunkin’s video on YouTube.

Swim 5 Day 1, at Blythburgh, 16.2 degrees, but felt warmer, somehow. Gentle incoming tide, salt water and seaweed. View of the lovely church, and of course I went in for a quick look.

church reflected in water

Swim 6 Day 1, at Ellingham, 15.7 degrees in the Waveney. Quite a challenge to persuade myself to get in, with a keen cool breeze. But a beautiful place, which I chose hoping to get a sunset – and I was rewarded with one after my swim!
A great first day in Suffolk, with good company at Covehithe and some fun at the seaside. The Lark, then more Waveney swims tomorrow, and I know how chilly they will be!

sunset on a river

Sun 8 Sept

duckweed and rope swing

Swim 1 Day 1, at Barton Mills, 13.5 degrees, in duckweedy water, which was ok, though didn’t look as inviting as it usually is here. But I knew I had to meet the challenge, so of course I got in. I tried the little footpath from the layby, which was nice despite the nettles, fallen willow add long wet grass. The easiest way is to park nearer the roundabout and walk down bedside the cut off channel. Refreshed, but feet frozen!

Swim 2 Day 1, at 13.2 degrees, at Hoxne, avoided too much duckweed, surprisingly nippy. Lovely getting warm and dry in the sunshine after, and the walk back uphill. Chat to some walkers who were interested to try some outdoor swimming in the area.

Swim 3 Day 1, at 14.2 degrees, at Shotford Bridge, delightful in the sun. The water in the rivers is particularly clear at the moment. Popped in to visit family friends the Davises on the way. They introduced me to some of these Waveney spots, as have always swum there and in the sea in the summer, and we even went in on a walk one Boxing day!

water seen through tree
Shotford Bridge

Swim 4 Day 2, at 18 degrees, in a lake near Shotford, balmy warmth compared to other swims, but rather too many people around on a Sunday for successful stealth swimming.

swimmer and water and tree
A lake near Shotford, Imogen about to swim

No Swim at Mendham Bridge, looked far too weedy as I drove over it, though when I went to look I could have got in after all. Had a look in the church.

Swim 5 Day 2, at Geldeston Locks, 15.9 degrees, with Amy Shawcross, helping hand out and photos by Doug, litter picking by their boys. Good swim upstream maybe 100m, then much faster downstream. Delighted to be with Amy on swim 19 of her 40 swims for 40, while doing my six months of swims for 60.

two swimmers on the bank of a river
Imogen and Amy at Geldeston Locks bridge

Swim 6 Day 2, at Beccles lido, 27 degrees. Glorious swim in Beccles lido on the last day, with handstands, dives, the slide, floats, and a bit of swimming. And a duck! Nice to chat to Sean and others. Unfortunately no time to go to Beccles museum lido exhibition.

Beccles, Peter, Gill, grandchildren and Imogen at the lido

Swim 7 Day 2, at Wainford, 15.9 degrees, and a sunset. Lovely chat with a couple fishing and with two young children, showed me a little Rudd as he caught it and photos of bigger fish. That’s it, I can’t do another swim, I’m too cold! Dropped Bungay The Sandy/Tree jump/Baldry’s Mill.

A wonderful sunny day, if a little chilly, completing Day 2 of Suffolk Swims part 1.

I added an invitation to join me to every post, and tags #outdoorswimmingsociety #sharetheswimlove #suffolk

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