Plan for swims S.Lincs, N.Fens & Rutland 12-15 July

The plan for my next monthly swim trek in East Anglia and East Midlands (in six months of swims to mark the year I become 60) in South Lincs, Rutland and northern Fens – 12-15 July. On my trips I meet local swimmers to swim together at our own risk (in line with OSS). Here is the itinerary. During the trip I updated it here on my website. Read a round up of the swims

As well as marking my 60th, I want to celebrate the variety of swim spots and swimmers in the region, and I’m inviting people to sponsor me if they would like to. You can read about my other treks in East Anglia in the Swims section

Swims/dips in rivers, lakes, the sea, outdoor swimming pools (heated or otherwise), and one organised venue. Some photos below. Location info and maps

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[dates; times; places; (opening times)]

Friday 12 July

11.00 Outwell

(missed, ran short of time) 14.00 South Kyme, R Slea/Kyme Eau

15.30 Heckington pool

16.30 Metheringham pool

18.30 Woodhall Spa Jubilee pool
(till 19.30)

20.30 Anderby Creek nr Skegness

Saturday 13 July

9.00 Skegness / Embassy pool
(9.00-17.00, not 13.00-13.30)

11.00 Activities Away near Lincoln

12.30 lake nearby

14.00 Farndon, River Trent

15.30 Billinghay pool

17.00 Bourne lido
(8.00-10.00, 10.30-18.00)

Sunday 14 July

(skipped)  8.00 Pode Hole Corner near Spalding

10.00 Dog in a Doublet

13.00 Gildenburgh Water

Move to 14.30 Milton Ferry bridge

16.30 Rutland water bathing beach
(official times 10.00-18.00, last entry to park 17.00, out by 20.00)

(skipped) 1830 or so Stamford, W of

Monday 15 July (morning)

07.30 Stamford, W of, nr Tinwell pumping station

09.30 Stamford meadows, River Welland

12.30 Wansford Bridge

15.00 Three Holes

18.30 Wissey/Gt Ouse

About the swim/dips

On my trips I’m inviting people to join me in the swims and dips, on the understanding that this is at their own risk, and that they have read the Outdoor Swimming Society responsibility statement – we will all be taking responsibility for our own safety.
Anyone who is new to outdoor swimming is recommended to have a look at the Outdoor Swimming Society’s wide range of information on safe swimming, Survive, and to ask if not sure about anything. We can all swim at our own pace, for as long or short a time as we wish, and we don’t need to stay together. I don’t swim far or fast, and am likely to only do between 10 and 20 minutes, so faster/ stronger/ more experienced swimmers are welcome to go off and do their own thing though it would be nice to meet and go into the water together.

Location info and maps

Read a round up of the swims

river and sky and plants
Dog in a Doublet swimmers entry point
river with moored boat
South Kyme, River Slea/Kyme Eau, photo by Robert Aspey
outdoor pool and steps
Bourne lido
river and flowers
River Glen
sign with lake in background
Rutland Water

map of county of Lincs (South)