Dates set: outdoor swimming project begins 2020

Healing Waters, a practical project to promote safe outdoor swimming in Breckland, began with a landowner meeting in March and plans an intro to swim session in August 2020.

STOP PRESS How exactly we deliver the BFER projects for the next few months is under review because of the Covid-19 situation. We are postponing or considering postponing training sessions due to take place in the next few months, and thinking how we can respond and keep in touch. Ideas welcome.

Dates so far

UNDER CONSIDERATION – 16 August 2020 – a day of introduction to outdoor swimming and doing your own risk assessment

Qualified trainers and lifeguards will introduce people to swimming outdoors, understanding the risks, and how to be safe and have fun. We will invite people to sign up to participate nearer the time. Venue to be arranged. We will need volunteers to help us run this activity, so please let me know if you would be interested in helping.

young women on edge of pool; two swimmers doing crawl in a river
Young swimmers; river swimmers

11 March 2020 – workshop for landowners/land managers, organised jointly with the Visitor Safety Group (a landowner organisation with a body of experience on balancing safety and visitor access).

This was for landowners or managers with rivers or water where people swim or might swim or do other recreation (or you know anyone who is). If you are interested to hear more about involvement in the project, please contact me.

Landowners and other participants marked places on the Brecks map where they owned or managed land and where they have swum, at a workshop 11 March 2020 at the start of the Healing Waters project.

From the workshop: Download a talk on the project 11 March 2020 (Word.doc, 2 pages)

Download a report of the day (Word.doc 4 pages), which also includes more information on workshop organisers and speakers, and a list of resources and guidance.

Read more and download reports from the day (scroll down)

Summary of the project

Healing Waters will engage people in healthy outdoor activities, including learning to enjoy being in, on or by the water safely and with care for the environment; and in mapping and considering publicising suitable places for swimming or for other recreational uses of the rivers.

We will consult and involve landowners and land managers from the start, to address the concerns that some have about swimming and other watery recreation, and to promote positive benefits. We aim to improve people’s understanding of safe and environmentally friendly behaviours around water, which can to help tackle the issues.

We want to introduce people of all ages to enjoying the water safely and with care for the environment, to allay their fears and misunderstandings and those of parents and authorities, and to equip people to do their own risk assessments and mitigate risks, and to have fun. We will also be providing training to young people on safety and life-saving.

More detail on the projects on this website and about all the BFER projects funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund.

Please contact me with any questions, or to sign up for updates. More on how to get involved on this website.

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display panel with text and photos
Display panel 3: Healing Waters (used at Conference March 2019)

swims and swim places