Hackney Marshes (White House bridge)

County Greater London
River Old River Lea
Swim location name White House bridge, Hackney Marshes
Grid reference TQ369858

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Nearest postcode E10 5SH
Other info Park at Hackney Marshes Centre (or walk or cycle there, or via various local stations or bus stops), get in under White Horse bridge or down the bank a little way downstream.

The water here can be clear and look clean, but as the river branches off an urban canal it would be safest to keep your head out of the water and put a plaster on any cuts. Wear swim shoes.

Be discreet as the LV Authority has a blanket ban on swimming.

My swim account Hackney Marshes swim 19 August 2016

Please note: all swims are at our own risk. Including a location does not indicate that it is recommended or that it is safe; each must do their own risk assessment each time they swim or travel to a location. I accept no liability for the choices that people make. There is Swim Safety info on this website, and on Outdoor Swimming Society website, Survive section.
Please follow the Outdoor Swimmers Code, and Outdoor Swimming Society advice on responsible swimming at this time.

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smiling swimmer floating on back, in front of bank of vegetation – pink Himalayan balsam and trees behind
Old River Lea, White House bridge, me swimming in front of Himalayan balsam, taken by Marc Burden on my camera

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