Support Diversity Swim for GRT

All are welcome to support the fundraising activity through November for Gypsy Roma+Traveller Charities, wherever you are. You can take part by doing some swims or dips, sponsor and support those who take part, send messages of solidarity or if you can you could donate. Sponsorship page,, or send messages to me on Facebook or Contact me

What is the swim event and how can I join in or support it?

Diversity Swim for Gypsy Roma+Traveller Charities

Culminates on 30 November

Norfolk and Suffolk swimmers for diversity – solidarity swim for the GRT community.

We are a group of people brought together by a shared love of open water swimming and a commitment to standing up against racism. We have decided to raise awareness and funds for some organisations run by and working with the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Community.

If you’d like to join in with or support this awareness raising event- please challenge yourself to lucky number swims in November or make a small donation to support those who are doing so.

Milly, a grandmother of one of the fundraisers who describes herself as “Romani and proud”, has kindly agreed to give us some lucky numbers as inspiration for the fundraising swims. They are: 3, 5, 7, 21 and 30

You can donate here:

and the funds will be split equally between the charities:

 Also check out, which is not a registered charity so we could not add it to our Sponsorme page; and the Traveller Movement,, which has this page for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people from Gypsy Roma and Traveller communities, with advice and stories,

Everyone was encouraged to share their dips and swims, and these are now gathered:

Round up of swims and dips for the whole of November 2020:

Week 1, 1-7 Nov, Diversity swims for GRT: the Nov challenge starts

Week 2, 8-14 Nov,  Diversity swims for GRT: the Nov challenge part 2

Week 3, 15-21 Nov, Diversity swims Nov Part 3 for GRT

Week 4, 22-28 Nov, Diversity swims Week 4 for GRT

Week 5, final two days here, Diversity swims for GRT 29 & 30 Nov 2020

Report of the month in the Eastern Daily Press, Swimmers in Norfolk tackle challenge to support travellers

Story also covered on BBC Radio Norfolk, 1 Dec, at 2h33.45, till 2.41.46, for 29 days,

The challenge is featured on the Outdoor Swimming Society website, Noticeboard section, and was reported in Travellers Times.

You can join in or send messages in our public  Facebook event, donate on the Sponsor me page, and read about the issues and what we can do in this post about solidarity with GRT.