Itinerary Suffolk swim trip Part 1 Sept 7-8

This is the itinerary for my latest monthly swim trek in East Anglia (in six months of swims to mark the year I become 60)- Part 1, 7-8 September. Please sponsor me if you would like to. I met local swimmers or groups to swim together at our own risk (in line with OSS). Read quick report of the trip

You can read about my other treks in East Anglia in the Swims section

My swims are not very long or fast, but I like exploring new places and revisiting some old favourites. I know many of these but would like to find new spots. I hope to have swims/dips in rivers, lakes, a lido, tidal rivers and the sea.

Itinerary (revised):

Sat 7 Sept

8.00 Knettishall
10.00 Covehithe
12.00 Lowestoft
(DROPPED: 13.30 Dunwich)
15.00 Southwold
16.45 Blythburgh
18.30 Ellingham

Sun 8 Sept

8.00 Barton Mills
10.00 Hoxne
11.30 Shotford Bridge and a lake near Shotford
14.00 Mendham Bridge
15.00 Geldeston lock
(missed 16.00 Beccles museum lido Exhib
16.30 Beccles lido
18.30 Wainford
(CANCELLED 19.30 Bungay The Sandy/Tree jump/Baldry’s Mill)

Location info for swims 7 and 8 Sept in North Suffolk.

14 and 15 SeptBroomfield lido (Ipswich) open days – go and see if you have the chance.

See plans for Part 2, 21 and 22 Sept

I swam in many of these on my A12 swim journey in 1916

Suffolk county map
boy on rope swing over river
Outney (Bungay) The Sandy
river and vegetation and mill in distance
bridge over river, boy about to jump
Geldeston Lock

a lake

[swim log 1080-1092]