Dates set: swim history project to start spring 2020

The project to discover and celebrate Brecks swimming heritage, Tales from the River, will begin with training in April-June 2020.

Training dates
Training sessions in spring and early summer 2020 at Thetford, and tours of the two county record offices that cover Breckland – dates:
• 24 April 2020 – archives and research
• 11 May 2020 – oral history
• 20 May am – tour of Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds
• 10 June 2020 pm – tour of Norfolk Record Office, Norwich

Attending the training is free, and those who volunteer in the project can claim travel expenses. We will invite people to sign up for the training in the New Year.

children in a river in summer
St Helen’s family swim

Summary of the project

Tales from the River will involve people in gathering and celebrating past and present stories and folklore about swimming and other recreation in, on or by the Breckland rivers and other waters.

The project will provide training in archive research and oral history interviewing, and we hope that those trained will volunteer to do research and interviewing and will discover photographs and cine films.

We will share what we find with other projects and will present it in various ways, including exhibition, video, on the website, and to enrich the archives. Heritage information will inform the Healing Waters river survey and map, and will appear together with safety advice at key swimming spots.

More detail on the projects on this website and about all the BFER projects funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund.

Please contact me with any questions, or to sign up for updates. More on how to get involved on this website.

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display panel with text and old photos
Display panel 1: Tales from the River (used at Conference March 2019)

swims and swim places