Plan for Sept Suffolk swim trip part 2

Here is the plan for the second part of my next monthly swim trek in East Anglia (in six months of swims to mark the year I become 60), for 20/21 Sept in South Suffolk. Please sponsor me if you would like to. Comments welcome. REVISED.

Some locations might turn out not be swimmable, depending on weather, tides, water levels or weed. The itinerary can change to fit in with others. I hope to meet local swimmers or groups to swim together at our own risk (in line with OSS).

You can read about my other treks in East Anglia in the Swims section

My swims are not very long or fast, but I like exploring new places and revisiting some old favourites. I know many of these but would like to find new spots. I hope to have swims/dips in rivers, lakes and tidal rivers.

Location info for 21 22 Sept


Sat 21 Sept

(07.30 Needham Market)
08.45 Bramford
10.30 Felixstowe with Swimscapes
12.00 Fore Street Baths, Ipswich
13.00 Chelmondiston Pin Mill with Swim Walks
14.30 Alton Water
15.30 Stratford St Mary
16.45 Holbrook
17.45 Bures
(18.30 Sudbury – paddle in Old Bathing Place)

Sun 22 Sept

08.30 Eastbridge
10.00 Sizewell
11.30 Aldeburgh
13.00 Iken Cliff
14.30 Shingle Street
15.30 East Lane, Bawdsey
16.45 Ufford
17.30 Wilford Bridge
18.30 Parham

I swam in some of these on my A12 swim journey in 1916

Please note: all swims are at our own risk. Including a location does not indicate that it is safe; we must do our own risk assessment. Swim Safety info on this website.

Suffolk county map
sea and beach huts and swimmers
water and vegetation
A large clay pond