Swimming in the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads

…the Broads can be a wild and dangerous place…that’s part of its attraction. But like other wild and dangerous things, it’s best to treat it with a bit of respect.
(a now withdrawn Broads Authority leaflet, Go Safely!)

You should always treat open water with respect and take responsibility for your own safety. Learn how to assess the risks and enjoy the water safely. New advice on outdoor swimming on the Broads Authority website. Swimming in the Broads National Park in some places and at some times is less safe, for example avoid areas busy with boats. You can download maps showing depths and navigation notes for rivers from the Broads Authority website.

wide calm river with cloudy sky
River Ant/Dilham Canal

The Broads Authority in 2018 updated  advice on its website about outdoor swimming, and while it strongly advises against swimming it does recognise the benefits and gives useful advice and links to more detailed advice on doing so safely. There’s a report on the change on the Outdoor Swimming Society website.

The Broads Local Access Forum has in 2021 appointed a rep specifically to represent swimmers. This is a welcome step in recognising and consulting with swimmers.

See my general advice on swim safety, and on swimming in tidal rivers, also on  the outdoor swimming society website, understanding tidal rivers and estuaries, and download advice:

My article on Getting Started in Inland Outdoor Swimming (or download note Getting started in open water outdoor swimming (Word.doc, 4 pages)

And see Places to Swim in the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads or download as a note: Places to Swim in the Norfolk Broads (download, Word.doc, 2 pages)

The area covered by the Broads Authority is shown on the map on the ‘About us Who we are’ page on their website

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