Landowners and swim places on Brecks map

We organised a workshop 11 March 2020 within the Healing Waters project to bring together local landowners, land managers and local authorities with members of landowner organisation VSG, and local swimmers and those managing the project to share advice on outdoor swimming and visitor safety.

Download a report of the day (Word.doc 4 pages), which also includes more information on workshop organisers and speakers, and a list of resources and guidance.

Participants put spots on the map of the Brecks to show where they owned or managed or had a responsibility for land, and where they have swum or done any other outdoor activity.

Download a spreadsheet of the owned and swum places on the map (.xls)

Map of Brecks with spots for land owned and swum places

A year earlier participants at a conference to introduce the whole range of BFER projects also put spots on a map to show the wide range of recreation in the Brecks rivers and other waters.

Participant adds swim spot to Brecks map
Tina adding a spot 11 March 2020. Photo by Alexandra Baltrusch, BFER team

swims and swim places