Ebridge Mill

Ebridge Mill, North Walsham & Dilham canal (river Ant) Happisburgh Rd, North Walsham NR28 9QG

Canal run by Trust that welcomes swimmers, though model boating club less so. Often anglers, walkers, all welcomed.

http://www.nwdct.org/ Facebook group for Trust – https://www.facebook.com/groups/www.nwdct.org/

Entry points –  end of island, shallow gravel but a slope to get down, or muddy bank west of large pool. Pool and most of canal weed free, possible to swim upstream for just under one mile. Car parking spaces (sometimes in use for restoration works), also just along lane.


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Ebridge Mill
notice, Have fun and stay safe
Swim Safety sign at Ebridge, Norfolk

Please note: all swims are at our own risk. Including a location does not indicate that it is recommended or that it is safe; each must do their own risk assessment each time they swim or travel to a location. I accept no liability for the choices that people make. There is Swim Safety info on this website, and on Outdoor Swimming Society website, Survive section.
Please follow the Outdoor Swimmers Code, and Outdoor Swimming Society advice on responsible swimming at this time.

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