Diversity swims for GRT 29 & 30 Nov 2020

Norfolk and Suffolk swimmers have been dipping through November to raise awareness and funds for some organisations run by and working with the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Communities. Here are posts and photos from Days 29-30. Support us here, on the Sponsor me page

During the month we were inspired by the lucky numbers lent us by the grandmother of one of the fundraisers, Milly, who describes herself as “Romani and proud”. They are: 3, 5, 7, 21 and 30.

You can send messages in our public  Facebook event, donate on the Sponsor me page, and read about the issues in this post about solidarity with GRT.

If you had a dip and would like it included, please post about it in our public  Facebook event and I can add it to one of the stories.

By 30 Nov pm we have now raised £808.00 from 41 donations, plus Gift Aid: £163.25!

Swims and dips and support on the last two days, 29 and lucky 30 November:

29 November

swimmersJess: Gorgeous final swim for our fundraising month. I’m at work tomorrow, so lucky number 30 has come a day early! We swam/paddled in silky smooth but stoney Suffolk sea with Southwold lighthouse in the distance. Today was the lucky 7th, and final, fundraising swim to support GRT charities. A beautiful dip at Dunwich Heath. Not too cold compared to some of our early morning river swims, but appreciated the hot chocolate afterwards nevertheless. This month has been absolutely fantastic and I cannot thank everyone enough for your support and swim escapades. We’ve really made something good come out of a drama. Big love to everyone and enjoy your swims tomorrow and beyond. Thanks to all for your incredible support- £800 raised!

swimmersImogen: More fun swooshes with Vicki, this time in Lyng upper weir pool, and I had a quick splosh into the river behind, 5 minutes at 7.6 degrees, felt pretty chilly and the eddy is strong. Much impressed several passers-by, one took our photos. Vicki’s fourth river swim and first here – now hooked! Thanks for the company! My swim 29, one more to go for 30 dips swimmersin November.

Vicki: Start and finish of my wild swim weekend! Love it!sunset


swimmers or swim placeJanice: Swim at Bawburgh on the 29th

swimmers or swim placeAmy: Five forms of swimming this week:

1.) River swimming

sea2.) Sea swimming with seals

3.) Broad swimming

4.) Vicarious swimming – inspirational podcast  – really want to go swim camping now.

5.) Pilates swimming: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tAKIrVHln1I (running out of ideas)

swimmer and swim spots

swimmerHelen and Tim: Some time in the last couple of days, our 4-week-old car (to us!) got nicked … A cold dip to remind us of what matters most. 8.5 degrees this afternoon in the River Colne weir at 3.30pm. And, look – I managed to get up all on my own!

30 November

swimmers or swim placeAmy: 7 – Invigorating start to the day at Salhouse Broad with seven types of wildlife: moorhen, grebe, greylag geese, egyptian geese, ducks, a robin for company as I got in, and a dog on the way down. Forgot to take any photos.

swimmers or swim placeJanice: Swim at Shotesham 30th

Tina: I did 3 x 30m of strokes that are a real challenge for me. I’m doing a fun swim gala on Saturday. Due to covid our team has lost 2 members so I’m now doing individual medley!!! I just did 2 x 30m fly without quite sinking and 30m backstroke heading for the bank but without quite hitting it!! I won’t be breaking any speed limits but it is going to be a laugh especially for spectators!!

swimmer in river
Anna in EDP – Credit: Ella Wilkinson

Anna: Morning swim in Norwich. I forgot to take my own photos because I was joined by the EDP video journalist. Still time to sponsor. Over £800 raised! Amazing how many people were swimming in solidarity!

Here’s the EDP report , Swimmers in Norfolk tackle challenge to support travellers

swimmerAmy: The final swim of November was speckled by rain drops, mesmerising as they rebounded from the water. 21 miles swum in November in 23 (30 – 7) locations.

swimmerGünter: Swam on 30 November, glad to share here!frozen tap


swimmersHelen and Tim at River Colne: Final day of the challenge!! Cold water swimming saving my psychological health, and bringing joy!

Shaun Crowley sorry, bailed today, river had warmed up so I decided no 2020 PB no swim and my fingers were already frozen from setting everything out at the Lido ready for Wednesday #lightweight so just 4299m for me in November…

swimmer(We can forgive Shaun! Here is lido info): Beccles Lido plan for RE-OPENING WED 2 DECEMBER. Pool temperature today is 10.5°c – WE ARE GOING TO TURN THE BOILERS ON !!! so when we re-open – temperature back to 13-15°c, www.bookwhen.com/beccleslido. Winter timetable will be confirmed after we see how many of you come back next week…

swimmersImogen: Ebridge this afternoon – a special place for lucky swim 30 of the month. No hoped-for sunset but the rain eased off, and it was wonderful to swim with Tina who I hadn’t seen since before lockdown, to witness her butterfly and other strokes practice (the second today), and to catch up! swimmerI was in for 5 minutes, which felt longer somehow, water 8.1°. Nice to be able to get dressed and warm up in my van. What a month it’s been! I thoroughly enjoyed being motivated to swim or dip every day, and in support of such a positive and essential cause. Thanks to everyone who’s been involved throughout the month, in Norfolk, Suffolk and far beyond!

swimmer 3 photos

Swims and dips for the whole of November 2020:

Week 1, 1-7 Nov, Diversity swims for GRT: the Nov challenge starts

Week 2, 8-14 Nov,  Diversity swims for GRT: the Nov challenge part 2

Week 3, 15-21 Nov, Diversity swims Nov Part 3 for GRT

Week 4, 22-28 Nov, Diversity swims Week 4 for GRT

A report of the month in the Eastern Daily Press, Swimmers in Norfolk tackle challenge to support travellers, (https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/swimmers-take-part-in-challenge-to-fundraise-for-traveller-communities-6572106)

Story also covered, interview with Jess and me, on BBC Radio Norfolk, 1 Dec, at 2h33.45, till 2.41.46, for 29 days, https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08yq4vw

The challenge was reported in Travellers Times

And see the report on the Outdoor Swimming Society website, Noticeboard section.

You can send messages in our public  Facebook event, donate on the Sponsor me page, and read about the issues in this post about solidarity with GRT.

Discrimination against Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities has been called the last acceptable prejudice. Even people who consider themselves anti-racist don’t always realise the hurt and harm that can be caused, by repeating stereotypes such as blaming the communities without any evidence for litter or for travelling as some have done during this busy and fraught summer.

These communities face a wide range of issues and discrimination – which range from hurtful remarks to material issues affecting all aspects of life. Campaign funds are needed to tackle these deep inequalities in society, improve lives, and provide advice.

Norfolk and Suffolk swimmers who set up this challenge were brought together by a shared love of open water swimming and a commitment to standing up against racism. We are grateful to everyone taking part and supporting and showing solidarity in all the ways!

Photos usually by person named in post next to photo.

screenshot of list of swimsIf anyone likes a spreadsheet, here are Imogen’s 30 dips, 153 total minutes, temp range 6-13.2. Plus 7 paddles.

If you really like a spreadsheet, download it here!