A Breckland lake: Norfolk swims for 60th

Six swimmers took a dip as the sun set over a still lake, as I completed day one of a two-day Norfolk swim safari, one in a series to mark my year of becoming sixty.

The sunshine had warmed up the water, especially the top layer, and we swam and bobbed around and chatted happily.

heads of swimmers in the water
Swimmers in the lake

Swimming outdoors can be sociable and bring people together, and social media is a great way to find out about swimming spots and arrange to meet (for this area the Outdoor Swimming in Breckland Facebook group).

Six person selfie
Six swimmers ready to swim

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lake and trees and some sand; water, tree silhouettes and setting sun
Sunset at the lake; sandy beach entry point

More stories from the Norfolk swim safari to follow soon.

Location details have only been posted in the Outdoor Swimming in Breckland group


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