Anderson’s Meadow, Norwich

County Norfolk
River Wensum
Swim location name Anderson’s Meadow, Norwich
Grid reference TG218099
Latitude 52.641736
Longitude 1.277854
Nearest postcode NR2 4LY
Other info NOTE: Anderson’s meadow is not ideal for a beginner, especially at cold temps, as the current is strong and there are no easy get out points below the slipway entry. If you miss it you are in trouble.

Parking: In Britannia Gardens pub car park with permission and if eating/drinking there (recommended) -THIS MIGHT BE OUT OF DATE, comment welcome – , otherwise nearby streets. Popular urban park, for picnics, hanging out, etc, some swim regularly. Long swims possible. No beach or shallow entry, but easy to get in from slipway/platform. Can be weedy in summer. Current can be strong, swim upstream first.

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Site of historic Eagles Baths – on opposite bank, though there was a diving board on this side

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river and bank with trees reflected
Anderson’s Meadow, Norwich, slipway entry point

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