River Lark and Mildenhall changes and swimmers

Changes are planned for the river Lark between Barton Mills (cut-off channel junction) and just downstream of Mildenhall, under several of the BFER projects over the next few years. These will have implications for swimmers and other recreational users of the river, and there are opportunities to ensure that our views are heard and for swimmers to get involved with the river restoration and improvement (particularly local swimmers).

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Rivers not fit to swim in?

In the last couple of years we have had a succession of media stories saying that no river is safe to swim in, in part because none are currently monitored under the bathing water directive. Is this true – are all our rivers dirty and unsafe for swimming? Are all the media reports and campaigns relevant and helpful for swimmers? I think not. Swimmers can get advice to make a pragmatic judgement about when the water is clean enough to swim. Continue reading Rivers not fit to swim in?

Drowning prevention

National safety organisations initiate a campaign week every June to prevent drowning. This year (2020) they are encouraging people to take personal responsibility to stay safe by water or when swimming. As swimmers we urge people to safely enjoy swimming and playing around water. These are fun and healthy activities that can be safe in most locations by following advice: Be a responsible swimmer, know how to float if you fall in, check the risks, look after children and teach them about safety. Continue reading Drowning prevention

To landowners on swimmers (England) 150520

See more up-to-date Page on Landowner liability and swimmers. This note, Updated 5 June, is my understanding of the responsibility of landowners now for people who choose to swim in waters on their land, generally (very briefly), and in the current situation with Covid 19. I’ve included some advice to swimmers that landowners might choose to give out. It applies in England only. Continue reading To landowners on swimmers (England) 150520

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