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Is it only legal to swim in 3% of rivers in England?

Nick Hayes’ Book of Trespass and the Right to Roam campaign are brilliant contributions to campaigning for access to rivers for swimmers and paddlers. However I think that there is a flaw in this campaign. I think that giving the impression that it is illegal to swim in 97% of rivers in England could have negative consequences, with a chilling effect. In fact, though 3% of the length of rivers have uncontested rights to access, there are strong arguments that there are more rights than that. The issue is complex, and I’ve only touched on it here, with links for further reading (including the book).

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My shortest day swims Dec 2020

I decided to mark the shortest day of the year with local swim and paddle trips on a glorious sunny day, Sunday 20 December (the day before the actual solstice which was due to be rainy). In tribute to my longest day of the year trip back in June, I concentrated on local trips and the river Wensum, starting with a sunrise swim, followed by a sunny cycle ride and finishing with a sunset paddle. Continue reading My shortest day swims Dec 2020